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You can deploy your Okta-protected app to many different hosting providers. You can also host it yourself.

If you're developing a Single-Page Application (SPA), you need to host it on a web server and configure all paths to redirect to index.html. This is because your framework handles the routing. You also need to force HTTPS.

If you're developing a server-side application, for example in Java, .NET, or Node.js, you likely only need to do three things after deploying your app:

  1. Configure your app (or server settings) to force HTTPS.
  2. Configure your app to read your Okta settings (for example, issuer, client ID, and client secret) from environment variables or a secrets provider (like HashiCorp Vault).
  3. Modify your Okta app to have login and logout redirect URIs that match your production app.


If you need help or have an issue, post a question on the Okta Developer Forum (opens new window).