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Use a dynamic group allow list with the Org Authorization Server

To use the Group Functions to create a token using a dynamic group allow list, create a Groups claim on an app. For an Okta Org Authorization Server, you can only create an ID token with a Groups claim.

Note: In this example, the user signing in to your app is assigned to a group called "IT".

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.
  2. Select the client application that you want to configure.
  3. Go to the Sign On tab and click Edit in the OpenID Connect ID Token section.
  4. In the Groups claim type section, select Expression.
  5. In the Groups claims filter section, leave the default name groups (or add it if the box is empty) and add one of the three functions with the criteria for your dynamic group allow list. For this example, use Groups.startsWith("OKTA", "IT", 10).
  6. Click Save.

Request an ID token that contains the Groups claim

To test the full authentication flow that returns an ID token, build your request URL. The scopes that you need to include as query parameters are openid and groups. For the specific steps on building the request URL, receiving the response, and decoding the JWT, see Request a token that contains the custom claim.

The resulting URL looks something like this:

curl -X GET

The decoded JWT looks something like this:

  "sub": "00uixa271s6x7qt8I0h7",
  "ver": 1,
  "iss": "https://${yourOktaDomain}",
  "aud": "0oaoiuhhch8VRtBnC0h7",
  "iat": 1574207471,
  "exp": 1574211071,
  "jti": "ID.3xqAvJ3YTofkkrF0FpapgxFEExGWOEoyhWspO6SFQtA",
  "amr": [
  "idp": "00oixa26ycdNcX0VT0h7",
  "nonce": "UBGW",
  "auth_time": 1574207041,
  "groups": [