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Build a Video Chat Service with JavaScript, WebRTC, and Okta

As recently as seven short years ago, building video applications on the web was a massive pain. Remember the days of using Flash and proprietary codecs (which often required licensing)? Yuck. In the last few years, video chat technology has dramatically improved and Flash is no longer required. Today, the video chat landscape is much simpler thanks to WebRTC: an open source project built and maintained by Google, Mozilla, Opera, and others. WebRTC allows you...

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Why Are Webhooks Better Than Serverless Extensibility?

When you’ve built a successful software-as-a-service product, you tend to run into interesting technical (and business) questions. My favorite question is: “How do we add more functionality to our platform faster?” It’s an interesting question because everyone wants to build features faster. In a perfect world, you’d be able to hire 100,000 engineers, split them into teams of four (with no managers!), and have each team own a feature: spec it out, build it, iterate...

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