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Articles tagged rbac

Play Zork, Learn OAuth

In the early ’80s, some of the best “video” games were text-based adventures. These games would print out descriptive text of your surroundings and you would interact with the game using simple, but natural language commands like: “go north” or “take sword”. Fast forward some 30 years and a specification for an authorization framework called OAuth 2.0 was published. This framework allows an application to receive a token from an external party (like Okta) that...

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Add Role-Based Access Control to Your App with Spring Security and Thymeleaf

User management functions are required by a wide variety of apps and APIs, and it’s a common use-case to partition access to parts of an application according to roles assigned to a user. This is the basis of role-based access control (RBAC). Okta manages these roles with groups. Users can belong to one or more groups. With the Okta Spring Security integration, these groups are automatically mapped to roles that can be called out in...

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