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Articles tagged databases

Build a Simple CRUD App with Flask and Python

Today I’m going to walk you through building a simple Flask web app (a blog) complete with user management (login, registration, etc.), database models, and everything else that goes along with it. In this post I’ll walk you through the code piece-by-piece, explaining everything you need to know along the way. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to build simple Flask web apps and have a good understanding of how to create...

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Build a Basic CRUD App with Node and React

There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks out there today. It seems like I hear about a new one every month or so. They all have their advantages and are usually there to solve some sort of problem with an existing framework. My favorite to work with so far has been React. One of the best things about it is how many open source components and libraries there are in the React ecosystem, so you...

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