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Use MongoDB in Your C# ASP.NET Apps

MongoDB is a document database. Instead of storing data in tables and rows, you store documents in a structure very similar to objects in the memory of your application. The schema is flexible and dynamic. You don’t need to define all fields upfront. Some MongoDB tutorials define model classes in C# and show how to read from and write to the database with them. This post takes a different approach, which also demonstrates how flexible...

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A Quick Guide to Integrating React and GraphQL

If your application consumes a ReST API from React, the default setup will give you ALL the data for a resource. But if you want to specify what data you need, GraphQL can help! Specifying exactly the data you want can reduce the amount of data sent over the wire, and the React applications you write can have less code filtering out useless data from data you need. There are a lot of GraphQL clients...

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Get to Know Entity Framework and PostgreSQL

Entity Framework is one of the most pervasive Object-Relational Mappers (ORMs) for ASP.NET. An ORM maps an application’s object entities to relational entities in a database, and allows developers to build and edit the database schema from the code. Furthermore, Entity Framework’s design makes it particularly friendly for PostgreSQL developers. Entity Framework (EFCore) Core is a lighter weight and more flexible version that specifically enables .NET objects. It reduces the amount of data access code...

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Create a Blockchain Explorer in C#

Blockchain technology is already central to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and its applications are ever growing. A blockchain is simply a list of records, called blocks. Each block contains information about transactions - and also confirms the validity of the previous block with something called a hash function. A hash function calculates a number from all of the data in a block. It works in such a way that if any of the bytes in...

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Build Login in Xamarin with Xamarin.Forms

Chuck Norris could easily make a single app run on all of the platforms iOS, Android, and Windows - without any frameworks or tools. Most of the rest of us could probably do with some help. Happily, Xamarin Forms is the perfect tool for the job, and makes it a breeze to create an app! With Xamarin Forms your app will run on all three platforms from a single codebase. Xamarin Forms comes free with...

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