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Build a Secure NestJS API with Postgres

NestJS is a modern, progressive framework for building Node.js applications and APIs. NestJS is built on TypeScript, and is designed to use solid programming metaphors such as controllers and modules. Having automatic Swagger API documentation built-in is also a great feature. Postgres (or PostgreSQL), much like other relational databases, provides a way to persist and query data. It’s a powerful, open-source, object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned it...

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Get Started with Koa.js for Node Applications

Ever since JavaScript made its giant leap from frontend to backend more than 10 years ago, Express has been the go-to library for writing server-side javascript and virtually synonymous with Node.js. It was (and in many aspects it still is) a modern and simple approach backend APIs. Declarative tree-like structure of routes, native support for middleware, asynchronous request processing and a miniature memory footprint all make Express very robust for a backend. As good as...

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Painless Node.js Authentication

User authentication is a critical component of just about every web application. Unfortunately, while authentication is a core part of all websites, it can still be difficult to get right. Despite the Node.js community being around for a while, there still aren’t a lot of simple, foolproof ways to authenticate users in Node.js applications. In this article I’m going to explain how to build a Node.js application that authenticates users in a best practices way....

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Build a NodeJS App with TypeScript

As dynamically typed languages became prominent during the last decade, typeless (or should I say lawless?) programming became the norm for the backend as well as the frontend. Many people believe the simplicity of “just writing” code is efficient for providing a proof of concept or prototyping applications. However, as those applications grow, the typeless code used to build them often becomes incredibly convoluted and more difficult (some would say impossible) to manage. In the...

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Build a Simple CRUD Application with Node and MySQL

NodeJS + Express is a popular technology stack for building APIs and backend services. Often times a backend database is required. There are several popular relational databases used in both enterprise and hobby projects. MySQL’s spike in popularity came with the rise of PHP during the early 2000s and today - more than 20 years after the initial release - it’s used on a wide array of technology stacks. In this post, you’ll learn how...

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