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Managing Multiple Okta Instances with Terraform Cloud

Congratulations, you’ve chosen to use Okta to solve your identity problems. Welcome to the happy sunny utopia of a managed identity solution! But wait! How do you manage your environments? Your applications all have separate production, staging, and development environments. How do you manage that in Okta without writing a ton of custom scripts? In this post, you’ll learn how to manage multiple Okta instances using Terraform and our Okta Terraform Provider. I’ll walk you...

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Tutorial: Build Universal Applications with Nuxt.js

Reducing the time between a user clicking your application and the content being displayed is vital. Optimized images? Check! Minified CSS? Check! Minified JS? Check! But if your application is a single page app (or SPA) there is a large bundle of JavaScript that must reach the user before the site can be rendered. Universal applications address this problem by executing as much as possible on your server and sending only the finished page to...

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