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ASA Audit Events API

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The Advanced Server Access (ASA) API is logically separate from the rest of the Okta APIs and uses a different API namespace:


Advanced Server Access (ASA) Audit Events provide log data of ASA User actions such as accessing ASA Servers, enrolling ASA Clients, and creating resources.

Explore the Audit Events API: Run in Postman (opens new window).

Audit Events API operation

The Audit Events API has the following operation:

List the Audits for a Team

GET https://app.scaleft.com/v1/teams/${team_name}/auditsV2

Lists the Audits for a Team

This endpoint requires one of the following roles: access_user, access_admin, or reporting_user.

Request path parameters

Parameter Type Description
team_name string The name of your Team

Request query parameters

Parameter Type Description
count number (Optional) The number of objects per page
descending boolean (Optional) The object order
offset string (Optional) The page offset
prev boolean (Optional) The direction of paging

Request body

This endpoint has no request body.

Response body

This endpoint returns a list of objects with the following fields and a 200 code on a successful call.

Properties Type Description
list array The list of Audit events
related_objects object All objects related to the Audit events

Usage example

curl -v -X GET \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${jwt}" \
	"list": [
			"details": {
				"actor": "FWUysQmguH4ns9NT1Uszl5j2a1t9SK2lYNACeu03uBs=",
				"client": "WvajuG7IeAjPYPdzN0zJTSmujqXLpYd90s4haNXLzRA=",
				"session_type": "authenticated_client",
				"target_server": "",
				"team_id": "",
				"team_name": "william-faulkner",
				"trace_id": "YqabgEzI",
				"type": "auth_token.issue",
				"via": null
			"id": "UD5pqjIhjKVQPmmqMiGMpQ==",
			"timestamp": "2020-11-18T18:05:08.277119888Z"
	"related_objects": {
		"FWUysQmguH4ns9NT1Uszl5j2a1t9SK2lYNACeu03uBs=": {
			"object": {
				"deleted_at": null,
				"details": {
					"email": "jason.compson@example.com",
					"first_name": "Jason",
					"full_name": "Jason Compson IV",
					"last_name": "Compson"
				"id": "e4c22cba-f8ec-4beb-98f4-b1a03725b204",
				"name": "Jason.Compson.IV",
				"oauth_client_application_id": null,
				"role_grants": null,
				"status": "ACTIVE",
				"user_type": "human"
			"type": "user"
		"WvajuG7IeAjPYPdzN0zJTSmujqXLpYd90s4haNXLzRA=": {
			"object": {
				"deleted_at": null,
				"description": "Personal laptop",
				"encrypted": true,
				"hostname": "Absalom",
				"id": "65d9e9d0-b0e5-48d9-aea6-420b9da6d1a3",
				"os": "macOS 10.14.6",
				"state": "ACTIVE",
				"user_name": "Jason.Compson.IV"
			"type": "client"