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The Token Inline Hook can be used to customize the authorization code flow that occurs between an application and the Okta org used for authentication.

This guide provides example code for an external service to respond to calls from a Token Inline Hook, and provides an end-to-end scenario using a local application, an Okta org, and the external service.

The Scenario

In the following Token Inline Hook scenario, the external service code parses a request from Okta, evaluates the user name against a simple patient data store, and, if the user is a patient, responds to Okta with a command to add a patient ID claim to the token. If the user is not part of the data store, no action is taken. The token is returned to the local application for authentication.

At a high-level, the following workflow occurs:

  • A user logs into an Okta-Hosted Login sample application.
  • The Okta org authenticates the user and mints an authentication token.
  • The Okta Token Inline Hook triggers and sends a request to an external service.
  • The external service evaluates the request, and if the user is a patient, adds a patient ID claim to the token.
  • The authentication token is directed back to the Okta-Hosted Login application where the user is signed in.

To implement this example, you need to have a local application that uses an Okta org to authenticate user access. Download the following Express.js application, which provides a local application server and sample app for this purpose: https://github.com/okta/samples-nodejs-express-4 (opens new window). (See the next section for further details on this set up.)

This guide also uses Glitch.com (opens new window) to act as an external service and to implement the Token Inline hook with an Okta org. See the following Glitch project to copy working code that implements the following scenario or build your own using the code snippets:

Okta Token Inline Hook Example (opens new window)

Tip: For another in-depth look at a Token Inline Hook implementation, see the following Developer Experience blog example by Micah Silverman, Use Okta Token Hooks to Supercharge OpenID Connect (opens new window)

For further reference data on the Token Inline Hook, see Token Inline Hook.