After you have built a functioning app integration in either SAML or SCIM, a few steps are required to submit it for Okta review.

Your submission must provide Okta with all the metadata needed to create a customized app for publication in the OIN.

Complete the following steps before you submit your SCIM app:

  1. Check the profile attributes and their mappings for your app.
  2. Test your Okta integration using the Okta SCIM CRUD test suite on Runscope.
  3. Prepare your customer-facing configuration guide.
  4. Optionally, create a demo video showing a working integration.
  5. Run through the Okta SCIM test plan spreadsheet.

Complete the following steps before you submit your SAML app:

  1. Prepare your application.
  2. Test your app.
  3. Integrate your app.

After performing these steps, you are ready to go to the OIN Manager to submit your app and start tracking the review status.


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