List your apps

  • For Outbound SAML, use the Apps API to return a list of all apps and collect the id, name, and label elements for each app to update.

  • For Inbound SAML, use the IdPs API to return a list of all identity providers and collect the full response for each IdP to update.

The following example shows a call for Outbound SAML apps.

Request: GET /api/v1/apps

Truncated Response:

    "id": "00000id1U3iyFqLu0g4",
    "name": "appname",
    "label": "Application Name",
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "lastUpdated": "2015-01-24T00:09:01.000Z",
    "created": "2014-01-06T23:42:40.000Z",
    "accessibility": {
      "selfService": false,
      "errorRedirectUrl": null,
      "loginRedirectUrl": null
    "visibility": {
      "autoSubmitToolbar": true,
      "hide": {
        "iOS": false,
        "web": false
      "appLinks": {
        "login": true
    "features": [],
    "signOnMode": "SAML_2_0",
    "credentials": {
      "userNameTemplate": {
        "template": "${source.login}",
        "type": "BUILT_IN"
      "revealPassword": true,
      "signing": {
        "kid": "ZcLGUsl4Xn3996YYel6KPvOxZOhNWfly5-q36CByH4o"
    "settings": {
      "app": {
        "instanceType": null
      "notifications": {
        "vpn": {
          "network": {
            "connection": "DISABLED"
          "message": null,
          "helpUrl": null