Implement Your Service

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Before you start, you need to implement a web service with an Internet-accessible endpoint to receive Event Hook calls from Okta. It's your responsibility to develop the code and to arrange its hosting on a system external to Okta. Okta defines the REST API contract for the REST requests it sends to your service.

Handle Ongoing Event Deliveries

Your service needs to receive and handle the REST API calls Okta makes to it to deliver event notifications. See Requests Sent by Okta for information on the REST API contract for these requests.

Handle the One-Time Verification Request

In addition to processing incoming event deliveries from Okta, your service also needs to implement functionality to handle a one-time verification request that Okta sends. The REST API contract for this one-time verification request is different than the contract for the ongoing calls that deliver event notifications. See One-Time Verification Request for a description.

This verification request is triggered when you perform the step Verify Your Endpoint, covered later in this guide.