Preview, test, and troubleshoot

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The external service example is now ready with code to receive and respond to an Okta call. The Okta org is now set up to call the external service using a Registration Inline Hook.

In your Okta org, you can preview the request and response JSON right from the Admin Console. You can also test the code directly with self-registering users.


To preview the Registration Inline Hook:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Workflow > Inline Hooks.
  2. Select the Registration Inline Hook name (in this example, "Guide Registration Hook Code").
  3. Click the Preview tab.
  4. Select a user from your org in the first block titled "Configure Inline Hook request"; that is, a value for the data.userProfile value.
  5. From the "Preview example Inline Hook request" block, click Generate Request. You should see the user's request information in JSON format that is sent to the external service.
  6. From the "View service's response" block, click View Response. You will see the response from your external service in JSON format, which either allows or denies the self-registration.


To run a test of your Registration Inline Hook, go to the Okta sign-in page for your Okta org, click the "Sign Up" link, and attempt to self-register.

  • If you use an allowable email domain, such as, the user registration goes through.
  • If you use an incorrect email domain, the user registration is denied; review the error message, which displays the error summary from the external service code and is passed back to Okta.

Note: Review Troubleshooting hook implementations for information if encountering any setup or configuration difficulties.