Now that you have created a user account in Okta, you are ready to setup MFA for that user account. A key part of enabling MFA for a user is actually verifying that they have a MFA token. In Okta, this process is known as "Enrollment". Once a MFA token has been enrolled, we can then "Verify" that they actually have this token by asking them to answer a challenge using their token.

The process attaching of a factor to a user is similar for every type of factor that Okta supports. In this document we will only cover how to attach a Google Authenticator factor.

At a high level, the process of attaching a factor to an account is similar for all factors an works as follows:

  1. Add a factor to the user account.
  2. Enroll the factor.

Once the factor has been enrolled, you can verify it as needed.

Using the User ID that you created earlier, add a Google Authenticator factor to that user as follows:

  1. Open the Factors (Okta API) collection in Postman.
  2. Add a new Google Authenticator Factor to your user with the POST Enroll Google Authenticator Factor request template in Postman. Important, be sure to replace the {userId} template in the request URL with the User ID for the user you created previously.
  3. Save the value of the id (the Factor ID) that is returned by Postman, you will be using this id in the next step.
  4. Copy the URL located in the href value of the qrcode link found in the \_embedded object located at the bottom of the response in Postman. Open this URL in a new tab of your favorite browser.

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