If you're building an application using one of our SDKs or client libraries, you may run into the following message:

Your Okta URL is missing. Replace {yourOktaDomain} with your Okta domain. You can copy your domain from the Okta Developer Console.

To find your Okta URL (also called an Okta domain), use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Okta organization with your administrator account.

    Note: Make sure that you are using the Developer Console. If you see Classic UI in the top left of the page, click it and select Developer Console to switch.

  2. Look for the Okta domain in the top right corner of the dashboard:

Okta domain in the top right corner of the dashboard

Your Okta domain will look like:

  • Or, a custom domain like if you have configured a Custom URL Domain

If your dashboard looks different, try choosing the Developer Console view from the top left menu. If you're stuck and need help, post a question on our Developer Forum.

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