You can customize your Okta organization by replacing the Okta domain name with your own domain name. This allows you to create a seamless and white-labeled experience for your users so that all URLs look like your application.

Okta organizations host pages on subdomains such as Using this feature aliases your Okta organization's domain name to another subdomain that you own, like

For example, you use Okta as a user store for your apps, but you don't want your users to know that the app uses Okta behind the scenes. You can create a CNAME record for the Okta domain, allowing you to alias to

Note: You must first customize the Okta URL domain if you also want to customize the Okta-hosted sign-in page or error pages.

Okta serves pages on your custom domain over HTTPS. To set up this feature, you need to provide a TLS certificate that is valid for your domain.


  • Okta currently only supports 2048-bit keys for the private key that you upload. However, your certificate chain can use keys of any size.
  • The Okta browser plugin doesn't work when customizing the Okta URL domain.

Common questions

Can I add more than one domain? No. You can only have one custom domain set up per Okta organization.

Will the existing Okta domain work? Yes. When you turn the custom domain on, the Okta domain (for example, still works.


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