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When using an Okta-hosted flow, you can create a unique sign-in experience by providing a customized Okta URL domain and creating an Style the Widget that matches your application's look and feel.

However, if an error occurs during sign-in, Okta may need to display an error page to the user. To provide a seamless user experience, you can also customize the error page by using the embedded HTML editor provided on the Custom Error Pages tab of the Customization page.

Common questions

In what situations does Okta serve error pages to the user?

The error page appears when a critical error occurs or an application is misconfigured. See Okta-hosted flows for more information on Okta-hosted functionality.

What can I customize on the error page?

You can add any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript you want to the page.

Before you begin

Before you can get started customizing error pages, you must have already customized your Okta URL domain.

A custom error page appears only when an application connects to Okta using your custom domain. Otherwise, the default Okta error page appears.


If you need help or have an issue, post a question on the Okta Developer Forum (opens new window).