2. Integrate Your App

If you are using the developer dashboard you will first need to switch to the Classic UI. If you see a Developer prompt in the top left, click it and select Classic UI to switch to the Classic UI.

  • Sign up for an Okta developer account.

  • In your Okta account (make sure you are signed in as an admin), use the App Wizard to build a Single Sign-on integration with Okta.

  • When you are ready, navigate to the Feedback tab of the App Wizard: Feedback tab of SAML App Wizard

    1. Select I'm a software vendor. I'd like to integrate my app with Okta. if you want your app added to the OIN. Okta won't contact you until this option is selected.
    2. Click Submit your app for review. You are redirected to the OIN Manager. OIN Manager Submission page
    3. In the OIN Manager, click Start Submission Form, and enter the requested information in the General Settings tab. General tab in the OIN Manager
    4. In the SAML tab, select On in the SAML support button, and enter information requested.
    5. When you've entered all the information requested on the General Settings and SAML tabs, the Submit for Review button is enabled. Click it to submit your app for review. Submit for OIN review

Once submitted, you can track the stage of your integration in the OIN Manager.

Note: Okta doesn't proactively add SWA-only, branded apps to the OIN. If you want a branded app in the OIN that only supports SWA to all customers, submit a request to


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