We require that one joint customer successfully validates the integration is working as expected from their perspective before we make it Okta-Verified in the OIN. The integration needs to be used and validated in production (not preview).

Use this process to involve joint customers in testing a newly developed SCIM integration:

  1. Identify joint customers interested in piloting the integration.
  2. Integration and configuration review with the joint customer. Partners are responsible for managing the customer identification and testing process. This customer must be live with this integration in production, not preview.
  3. The Okta administrator for the customer who is live with the integration sends an email to stating that the integration is working as expected.
  4. Once the above steps are complete, Okta changes the status of the integration in OIN to Okta-Verified.

Whether Partner-Built EA or Okta-Verified, when issues arise related to the SCIM integration, the ISV acts as the first point of contact.

Okta-Verified Status


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