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Deploy Your Secure Vue.js App to AWS

Writing a Vue app is intuitive, straightforward, and fast. With low barriers to entry, a component-based approach, and built-in features like hot reloading and webpack, Vue allows you to focus on developing your application rather than worrying about your dev environment and build processes. But, what happens when you are ready to deploy your app into production? The choices can be endless and sometimes unintuitive. As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, I am frequently asked...

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Add Authentication to Your Vanilla JavaScript App in 20 Minutes

“Sometimes nothing is good enough” is a phrase that software engineers don’t speak or hear often. In the fast-changing world of web development, there is no shortage of bleeding-edge JavaScript frameworks promising to make your life easier or inch out its predecessors. You may ask yourself if it is even possible to build a modern web application without one of these frameworks, let alone add secure authentication. Well, it is! Vanilla JavaScript is frequently used...

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Build a Basic CRUD App with Vue.js and Node

I’ve danced the JavaScript framework shuffle for years starting with jQuery, then on to Angular. After being frustrated with Angular’s complexity, I found React and thought I was in the clear. What seemed simple on the surface ended up being a frustrating mess. Then I found Vue.js. It just felt right. It worked as expected. It was fast. The documentation was incredible. Templating was eloquent. There was a unanimous consensus around how to handle state...

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