Hello, Okta. It’s me, Dave

avatar-drnugent.jpg Dave Nugent

I’m excited to announce that I have joined Okta’s developer relations team as a full-time Senior Developer Advocate. I will focus on the JavaScript community, including Node.js, Vue, and React.

I’ve known Okta’s developer relations team since they were independent at Stormpath. When Okta acquired Stormpath, many of my friends made the transition to the Okta team. It’s been amazing to see the progress they’ve made in the last year at Okta, rolling out beautiful products and experiences to developers.

Who is Dave? Should you trust him?

I’m a JavaScript developer and community organizer based in San Francisco. You may have seen me at the SF JavaScript Meetup or emceeing the ForwardJS conference. I also help out behind the scenes at other local tech events.

Dave on a panel at Chain React

These days, it seems like JavaScript owns my entire life, but I actually started off my career in astrobiology. I worked for NASA building instruments, reducing data, and going on missions to study meteor showers. I also rocked a killer 90s haircut (front row, second from left:)

The 1999 Leonid Multi-Instrument Aircraft campaign crew

Thanks to the support of my mentor and colleagues, I was able to collect a bunch of data and publish a few peer-reviewed papers, but my heart was always more on the software side of things. I left NASA and completed a degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, and started working for startups in San Francisco. Some of these startups would exist for more than a few months, which was quite gratifying!

(And no, you should not trust me unless I have been properly authorized and authenticated.)

What will I do at Okta?

Now as a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta, I get to bring together JavaScript, technology, and people, and work with the great team you know from this blog.

Most developers know Okta from our single sign-on or multi-factor auth products. However, Okta also exposes APIs that let developers do user authentication, authorization, API access management, and secure user management. Our developer site has up-to-date SDKs and tutorials for JavaScript developers, as well as Quickstart Guides for React, Vue, Angular and vanilla JS. I’m excited to help simplify and improve these experiences, and build integrations to help you code cool projects.

Looking forward

I’m excited to keep bringing the good word of JavaScript to the community here at Okta. The best way to get in touch with me on Twitter at @drnugent and now also @oktadev!