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Integrate with Okta

With over 5,000 pre-integrated applications, the Okta Integration Network (OIN) makes it easy for technology vendors to integrate with Okta’s enterprise-grade identity management solution. The OIN provides a simple, standards-based methodology for your application to support federated SSO, automated provisioning, and directory integration. Joining the OIN can help accelerate user onboarding, expand adoption, and enhance security for your offering.

By integrating with Okta, your application benefits from powerful features such Okta’s integrations with on-premise Active Directory/LDAP infrastructure and multi-factor authentication (MFA). You must support either Okta Single Sign-On or Provisioning to be part of Okta Integration Network, and we have step-by-step documentation to help you implement both. Once you have published your integration in the OIN catalog, we can help you promote it to Okta customers.

Each of the following sections helps you get started with your Okta integration: