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Build your app.
We’ll handle the
  • Authorization.
  • Authentication.
  • User Management.

Get quick and robust authentication by adding one of our SDKs to your app or API service.


Add one of our SDKs to your app.


Store your data in Okta.


Configure connected services.


Okta makes authentication straightforward. Connect your apps, choose an identity provider (or use ours), add users, configure rules, customize your login page, and then gain insights from our built in reports.

Works in the language you love


Easily drop authentication into your app. Use our pre-built widget or customize the experience to match your brand.

Social Login

Social login with streamlined OAuth 2.0 connections, rich user profiles, and authorization allows end users to log in with something they already know.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Support additional factors, including SMS, push verification, single-use passcodes, phone calls, and Yubikey.

OpenID Connect

Build your applications using security best practices with industry-standard OpenID Connect support.


Okta accepts unlimited inbound SAML and WS-Fed connections, creates JIT users, and manages and syncs user attributes so users can sign in with their existing identity provider.

Architected for zero downtime

Our product is 100% multitenant and stateless, with an extremely redundant architecture, so our system will scale with you.

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Customize scopes, claims, and relationships between apps and users to control authorization in your APIs.

Role-Based Access Control

Basic authorization is based on group roles. Set password and account recovery policies, including complexity requirements and lockout options based on group membership.

OAuth 2.0

Okta is fully OAuth 2.0 compliant, giving you the ability to protect resources and APIs, only allowing access based on granted scopes and permissions. Need to revoke access? Okta gives you control of the token lifecycle, allowing you to generate, validate, refresh, and revoke access.

User Management

Manage your users in Okta or from any number of sources, including integrations with third party apps and user stores.

Secure User Store

Universal Directory, Okta’s user store, enables you to maintain all your users, groups, and devices in one place.

AD/LDAP Integration

Delegate authentication to AD or LDAP and enforce password policies without the limitation of the number of directories or domains.


Grant access to the right person, with the right permissions, at the right time with our rules engine and contextual access management.

Rules Engine

Dynamically assign access and user roles based on group attributes.

Contextual Access Management

Use contextual information about the user to grant, deny, or ask for additional factors, like Google Authenticator, Yubikey, email, or Okta Verify.


Get real-time reports detailing how your users are accessing your app and integrate with third party SIEMs like Splunk and ArcSight.

Okta Hooks

Use Hooks to add custom logic to Okta. Customize your Okta policies and behaviors and trigger actions from Okta to downstream services with custom logic.

Inline Hooks

Modify an Okta workflow (imports, registration, token minting, and generating SAML assertions) with custom business logic via HTTP request

Event Hooks

Send an Okta Event to a downstream system via HTTP Post

Developers love us

From innovative startups to large enterprises, developers around the world trust our platform to handle their authentication.