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Bugs fixed in 2020.09.1 September 10, 2020

Bugs fixed in 2020.09.1

  • When attempting to reset a user's password using the lifecycle/reset_password endpoint, admins received an HTTP 500 error code rather than a valid error message if the user's email address was invalid. (OKTA-307089)
  • If a Groups claim returned more than 100 groups, then tokens couldn't be minted, which generated an HTTP 500 error code instead of an HTTP 400 error code. (OKTA-321988)
  • If an Identity Provider returned an error response during authentication, the /introspect endpoint returned an HTTP 500 error code. (OKTA-324419)
  • When a geographical network zone that included Okta routers was added to an IP blacklist zone, all requests to the org were blocked. (OKTA-326955)