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Bugs fixed in 2020.03.2 March 18, 2020

Bugs fixed in 2020.03.2

  • In some cases, an OAuth 2.0 /authorize request would incorrectly redirect if the client App had an App Sign-On Policy configured. (OKTA-269116)

  • The _links attribute for groups sent by Okta in the request body for a SAML Inline Hook was incorrect. (OKTA-269553)

  • Responses from OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 public metadata endpoints incorrectly omitted the return of CORS headers if the calling URL wasn't in the list of trusted origins defined for the org. (OKTA-283549)

  • When a Workflow was called, all headers that weren't white listed had text prepended in the response, which broke redirects. (OKTA-282294)

  • In some cases, the end user wasn't correctly prompted for consent during an OAuth 2.0 /authorize request. (OKTA-270039)