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Change Expected in Preview Orgs
User Types Error Message Change October 31, 2019
Bugs Fixed in 2019.10.2 October 31, 2019

User Types Error Message Change

Error messages returned by the User Types API have changed. Omitting display name or variable name when attempting to create a User Type, or specifying a variable name that is already in use, results in a more specific error message being returned.

Bugs Fixed in 2019.10.2

  • A SameSite=None attribute sent by Okta caused a bug in cross-site handling of cookies in Chrome on iOS 12.* or earlier. (OKTA-254174)
  • In the Features API, when using mode=force to enable a feature and its dependencies, email notifications were not sent to admins for Beta dependencies that were enabled. (OKTA-249644)
  • The length of EL expressions that you could specify for OAuth 2.0 claim values was previously limited to a shorter length but has now been increased to 1024 characters. (OKTA-237675)