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Note: Okta has changed our release model and version numbering. Under the old system, this would have been release 2018.52. For more information, see here: https://support.okta.com/help/s/article/New-Okta-Release-Model (opens new window)

Change Expected in Preview Orgs Rollout to Production Orgs Expected to Start
Bugs Fixed in 2018.12.2 December 27, 2018 January 7, 2019
Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.12.2 Update Available Now Available Now

Bugs Fixed in 2018.12.2

  • An error would be returned if the /apps/${applicationId} endpoint was called to update an app that did not not have a configurable signOnMode property.

  • The Identity Providers API endpoints GET /idps/${idpId}/users, GET /idps/${idpId}/users/{userId}, and DELETE /idps/${idpId}/users/${userId} previously required the social authentication feature, even for users related to a non-social IdP. Additionally, non-Social IdPs were not included in the results returned by GET /users/${userId}/idps.

  • Instead of providing specific reasons for failure, Identity Providers operations failed with generic error_description values when the Social Auth provider required user attributes in the user's profile but the attributes were missing or invalid.

  • The /users/${userId}/factors/catalog endpoint returned email as a supported factor type even when Email Authentication was not enabled for the org in MFA settings.

Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.12.2 Update

The following features have already been released as Early Access. To enable them, contact Support (opens new window).

Early Access Features Available Now
Custom URL Domains
Custom Okta-hosted Sign-In Page
Custom Error Page
User Consent for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Flows