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Change Expected in Preview Orgs Rollout to Production Orgs Expected to Start
Bugs Fixed in 2018.31 August 1, 2018 August 6, 2018
Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.31 Update Available now Available now

Bugs Fixed in 2018.31

  • Fixed an issue in the OpenID Connect logout endpoint where performing logout with an expired session resulted in an error instead of following the post_logout_redirect_uri. (OKTA-180521)

  • Removed System Logs entries for granting refresh tokens in token requests with the refresh_token grant type (since this grant type simply returns the original refresh token). This fix applies to both custom Authorization Servers and the Okta Org Authorization Server. (OKTA-178335)

  • Fixed issues with the User-Consent Grant Management API: added missing value to issuer, removed issuerId, removed HAL links for issuer and revoke, and added hints for self GET and DELETE. (OKTA-175296)

  • Fixed a bug where SAML apps created using the API could not enable honorForceAuthn. (OKTA-166146)

  • Fixed an issue where login_hint was ignored when using OAuth consent with a custom Authorization Server. (OKTA-164836)

Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.31 Update

The following features have already been released as Early Access. To enable them, contact Support (opens new window).

Early Access Features Available Now
Custom URL Domains
Custom Okta-hosted Sign-In Page
Custom Error Page
Linked Objects API
Token Management API
User Consent for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Flows