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Change Expected in Preview Orgs Rollout to Production Orgs Expected to Start
Bugs Fixed in 2018.29 July 18, 2018 July 23, 2018
Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.29 Update Available now Available now

Bugs Fixed in 2018.29

  • Using the Zones API to modify an existing zone that is blacklisted removed the blacklisting and coverted it to a normal IP Zone. (OKTA-176610)
  • Using the Applications API to create an OAuth client caused an error if the credentials.oauthClient property was not provided, even though it is not required. (OKTA-179275)
  • The System Log CSV report did not contain a value for AuthenticationContext.issuer for the event type user.authentication.authenticate. (OKTA-147165)

Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.29 Update

The following features have already been released as Early Access. To enable them, contact Support (opens new window).

Early Access Features Available Now
Custom URL Domains
Custom Okta-hosted Sign-In Page
Custom Error Page
Linked Objects API
Token Management API
User Consent for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Flows