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Change Expected in Preview Orgs Rollout to Production Orgs Expected to Start
User Login Pattern Validation June 13, 2018 June 18, 2018
Bugs Fixed in 2018.24 June 13, 2018 June 18, 2018
Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.24 Update Available now Available now

User Login Pattern Validation

A user's login no longer needs to be in the form of an email address. Instead the login is validated against a pattern property stored in the User Schema, which can be set to certain Regular Expressions. If no pattern is set, the default validation requires email addresses. More information can be found in the User and Schema API references.

Bugs Fixed in 2018.24

  • Queries to the /logs endpoint with a since parameter value of less than 1 minute ago would return a 500 error. (OKTA-174239)
  • It was possible to set an access policy rule with a refreshTokenWindowMinutes value of 0 (infinite). (OKTA-171891)
  • The System Log would not display OpenID Connect App assignment and un-assignment events. (OKTA-168223)

Previously Released Early Access Features 2018.24 Update

The following features have already been released as Early Access. To enable them, contact Support (opens new window).

Early Access Features Available Now
Custom URL Domains
Custom Okta-hosted Sign-In Page
Custom Error Page
Linked Objects API
Token Management API
System Log API
User Consent for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Flows