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API Feature Enhancements

API Access Management Logs in Events API

API Access Management now generates System Log events available via the Events API. This will be Generally Available in preview orgs starting on October 11, 2017 and in production orgs starting on October 17, 2017.

New Version of Sign-In Widget

Version 2.3 of the Okta Sign-In Widget (opens new window) is available. Check out the new features and bug fixes!

API Bug Fixes

These bug fixes are expected on preview orgs starting October 11, 2017, and on production orgs starting October 17, 2017.

  • Active Directory Password Policies now always return a maxAgeDays value of 0, since this setting is unsupported by Active Directory. (OKTA-142874)
  • Deleting a user failed if the user's primary and secondary emails were the same. (OKTA-142765)
  • Deleting a user failed if the domain portion of the username string was too long. (OKTA-141876)
  • Radius authentication flows would erroneously trigger user.session.end events in the log. (OKTA-138775)
  • When a user signed in to Okta via IWA and without an MFA prompt, there was no sign on policy evaluation entry present in the system log. (OKTA-136545)
  • User authentication attempts blocked by geographic restrictions in Adaptive MFA were logged as a successful login followed by a Login Denied event in the system log. (OKTA-112077)