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The following platform feature enhancements and bug fixes are available in the 2017.35 release. Dates for preview and production release are the earliest possible release date. Always check your org to verify the release version.

API Feature Enhancements

Feature Enhancement Expected in Preview Orgs Expected in Production Orgs
Zones API is an Early Access Release August 22, 2017 September 5, 2017

Zones API is an Early Access Release

Zones are used to group IP Address ranges so that policy decisions can be made based on the client's IP location.

The Zones API is an Early Access release. Contact Support (opens new window) to enable it. This API can be enabled beginning August 22, 2017 for preview orgs, and beginning September 5, 2017 for production orgs.

API Bug Fix

This bug fix is expected on preview orgs starting August 31, 2017, and on production orgs starting Sept 5, 2017.