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Advance Notice: API Rate Limit Improvements

We are making rate limits more granular and will roll the changes out over the next few months:

  1. Shortly after February 28, 2017, we'll provide system log alerts to let you know that you would have exceeded any of these new API rate limits.
  2. Sometime in March, 2017, we'll treat authenticated end-user interactions on a per-user basis. Interactions like SSO after login won't apply to your org-wide API rate limits.
  3. Shortly after March 31, 2017, the new, more granular rate limits will be enforced. At that point, the warnings in the System Log will change to error notifications.

Of course, as each change is released, we'll announce the change here.

For a full description of the rate limit changes, see API Rate Limits.

Feature Improvements

  • For OpenID Connect Client apps, when selecting General settings > Implicit grant type, you can now use checkboxes to include ID Tokens, Access Tokens, or both.

Platform Bugs Fixed

  • In API Access Management, where an Access Token contains claims that evaluate to an array, we did not send the claims as a JSON array and did not ensure that the values were of the correct types. (OKTA-113034)