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Feature Improvements: New Expression Language Function

The new expression language function Arrays.toCsvString(array) converts an array to a comma-delimited string. For example:

Arrays.toCsvString({"This", "is", " a ", "test"}) returns This,is, a ,test

Platform Bugs Fixed

  • Introspection behavior for OpenID Connect and API Access Management was inconsistent across all token types when users were not in the ACTIVE state. (OKTA-110445)
  • Incorrect text in the administrator UI, related to authorization (OpenID Connect and API Access Management), was corrected:
    • Password became Resource Owner Password in Apps > General Settings > Allowed Grant Types.
    • Resource Owner Credential became Resource Owner Password in the Edit Rule page of the authorization server configuration dialog (Security > API > Authorization Servers). (OKTA-110749)
  • In some orgs, the links for self and next were returned with incorrect values. (OKTA-111350)