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Feature Enhancements

New Version of Okta Sign-In Widget

The new version of Okta Sign-In Widget, 1.7.0, is available:

  • The Widget can create access tokens and authorization codes.
  • tokenManager manages OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect tokens.
  • Voice Call is supported in the forgot password flow.
  • Localization is available for Hungarian and Romanian.
  • Added the language option to set the displayed language.

Learn about these and other improvements in the GitHub repository.

New Version of Okta Auth JS

The new version of Okta Auth JS, 1.5.0, is available:

  • Perform manual token refreshes with the token.refresh method.
  • Create authorization codes in Okta Auth JS.
  • Access updated user information with token.getUserInfo.
  • Performance has improved when refreshing multiple tokens.

Learn about these and other improvements in the GitHub repository.

Key Store Operations are Available for Identity Providers API

Just as you can in the Apps API, you can perform key store operations in the Identity Providers API:

  • Generate an X.509 certificate public key
  • Retrieve and list public keys

For more information, see Identity Provider Signing Key Store Operations.

New Function for Replacing Strings

Use the Expression Language function String.replace to replace strings.


String.replace("This list includes chores", "is", "at") = "That last includes chores"

For more information, see Expression Language: String Functions.

Platform Bug Fixed

  • Reauthorization using app sign-on policy wasn't always enforced for OpenID Connect flows.(OKTA-99897)