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New Features

Create Custom Apps with the API

You can now create SAML and SWA custom apps using the Apps API. Previously you had to create a custom app using the App Integration Wizard (opens new window) in the administrator UI.

For more information about creating custom apps with the API, see Apps API: Add Custom SAML Application.

Feature Enhancements

User-Matching Improvement for SAML Identity Providers (IdPs)

For SAML IdPs, you can now match transformed IdP usernames using more attributes. To match on an attribute other than username, email, or either, specify the attribute name in the property matchAttribute, and specify the value CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE in matchType.

For more information, see Identity Providers.

Contact Support (opens new window) to enable this Early Access feature.

Okta Sign-In Widget Release 1.5.0

The Okta Sign-In Widget release 1.5.0 contains the following enhancements:

  • Passcodes for RSA and On-Prem MFA are masked.
  • The dependencies @okta/i18n and @okta/courage are optional, to allow npm install to work properly.
  • The Show Answer checkbox has been replaced with a simpler Show/Hide toggle button in the Answer field. The Show Answer checkbox displays when a security question is a factor.

Bugs Fixed

  • When configuring an app with OpenID Connect, some redirect URIs weren't saved correctly. (OKTA-90445)
  • Problems occurred in some orgs when deleting a very large group using the API. (OKTA-91383)