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Feature Enhancements

Improvements for OAuth Panels in the Administrator Console

To improve usability, we've moved some of the panels in the administrator UI related to OAuth:

  • The OAuth tab has been renamed Authorization Server.
  • The Signing credentials rotation option was on the Client Registration panel, but since it helps you configure tokens, we've moved it to the Authorization Server tab.

New Tab for Managing OAuth-Related Configuration

Okta Sign-In Widget Updated

The Okta Sign-In Widget will be updated to version 1.4.0 for Production orgs.

See Okta Sign-In Widget for updated sample code.

The new release includes several enhancements:

  • The new version is an npm module and is availabe on the npm registry (opens new window).
  • Changes to the "Trust this Device" checkbox and other minor bug fixes have been made.

Improved User Lookup for Password Recovery

To ensure a successful password recovery lookup if an email address is associated with multiple users, we improved the lookup behavior:

  • Okta no longer includes deactivated users in the lookup.
  • The lookup searches login IDs first, then primary email addresses, and then secondary email addresses.

Bugs Fixed

  • The OIDC Access Token was incorrectly available to Okta endpoints other than /oauth2/v1/userinfo. (OKTA-91099)
  • The format of the issuer (iss) in the Access Token has changed: it was the client ID. It now takes the form: `https://${yourOktaDomain}.okta.com/as/{authorization-server-ID}. (OKTA-93628)