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New Feature: API for Custom SMS Template

You can send custom text as part of an SMS message request:

  1. Use the /api/v1/templates/sms endpoint to create a custom SMS text template.
  2. Send a request to the Factors API specifying the template for verification. There is no change in the response.

For more information, see Templates API and Factors API.

Feature Enhancement: Resource Owner Password Credential Flow for OpenID Connect Supports Refresh Tokens

The /oauth2/v1/token endpoint includes a Refresh Token if:

  • The request contains a grant_type with the value password and your client supports the grant_type value refresh_token. For more information, see Token Request.
  • You request the offline_access scope. For more information, see Refresh Tokens.

Bugs Fixed

  • For some customers, an API request for users that match a value for last_name didn't return all the matches. (OKTA-91367)