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New Platform Feature

New Version of Okta Sign-In Widget

Version 1.3.3 of the Okta Sign-In Widget, and version 1.0.2 of okta-auth-js are available for Preview orgs. For more information, see Okta Sign-In Widget.

Policy API

The Links object, _links, is available in the Policy object. For more information, see Links Object.

Improved Error Descriptions

The error descriptions related to OAuth provide more helpful information about invalid clients for OpenID Connect flows.

Disable Automatic Key Rotation

If you need to disable automatic key rotation for an OpenID Connect flow, you can do so in General Settings section under the General tab for an app, and then use the /oauth2/v1/keys endpoint to fetch public keys for your app. For more information, see OpenID Connect.

Bugs Fixed

  • OKTA-69173 - The helpURL for vpn wasn't returned even though it had been set previously in a request to /api/v1/apps.