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Okta API Release Notes for Release 2017.42

The following API feature enhancements are available in the 2017.42 release. Dates for preview and production release are the earliest possible release date. Always check your org to verify the release version.

API Feature Enhancements

Group Rule Evaluations Included in System Log

Group Rule evaluation failures are now exposed via the System Log API.

API Bug Fixes

These bug fixes are expected on preview orgs starting October 18, 2017, and on production orgs starting October 24, 2017.

  • ID tokens requested alongside access tokens or authorization codes from custom authorization servers did not include OpenID Connect claims. This caused client applications, including the Okta Sign-In Widget, to not pre-populate the username. (OKTA-143857, 2017.40 Preview Fix)

Does Your Org Have This Change Yet?

To verify the current release for an org, click the Admin button and check the footer of the Dashboard page.

Release Number in Footer

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