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The Token Inline Hook must be activated and enabled within your Okta Admin Console.

  • Activating the Token Inline Hook registers the hook with the Okta org and associates it with your external service.
  • Enabling the Token Inline Hook associates the hook with your Okta custom authorization server, which authenticates the Okta-Hosted Login sample application.

Activate the Token Inline Hook

  1. Navigate to the Workflow > Inline Hooks page.

  2. Click Add Inline Hook and select Token from the drop-down menu.

  3. Add a name for the hook (in this example, "Patient Token Hook").

  4. Add your external service URL, including the endpoint. For example, use your Glitch project name with the endpoint:

  5. Include authentication field and secret. In this example:

    • Authentication field = authorization
    • Authentication secret = Basic YWRtaW46c3VwZXJzZWNyZXQ=
  6. Click Save.

The Token Inline Hook is now set up with a status of active.

Enable the Token Inline Hook

  1. Navigate to Security > API > Authorization Servers.

  2. Select a Custom Authorization Server from the list (usually default).

  3. Select the Access Policies tab. Navigate to the Rule table and click the Edit icon next to the policy rule that will use the Inline hook. In most cases, edit the Default Policy Rule of the Default Policy.

  4. From the Use this inline hook drop-down menu, select the Token Inline Hook you activated ("Patient Token Hook").

  5. Click Update Rule.

The Token Inline Hook is now ready for triggering when the default policy rule is invoked from an authentication request.