This guide outlines the process by which independent software vendors (ISVs), Okta customers, and IT system integrators can submit an app for review by Okta with the goal of publishing it to the Okta Integration Network (OIN).

For details on how to build a SCIM provisioning app integration, see our SCIM Provisioning Guide.

For details on how to build a SAML app integration, see our SAML Guide.

To get your app published in the OIN:

  1. Prepare and test your app before submission.
  2. Submit your app to Okta through the OIN Manager website.
  3. Okta analysts test and create the OIN application with your input and publish your app to the OIN App Catalog.

If you need additional help with the publication process, see the FAQ section, post a question on the Okta Developer Forum or email us at


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