Test your hook

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The external service example is now ready with code to receive and respond to an Okta call. The Okta org is now set up to call the external service when a Password Import Inline Hook is triggered.


To run a test of your Password Import Inline Hook, go to the Okta sign-in page for your Okta org.

  • Start by signing in with one of the users from the data store, for example, "michelletest@example.com", and enter an incorrect password.
  • Your result should be an "Unable to Sign On" error.
  • Sign in again using the correct password.
  • Your result should be access to the Okta org and the import of the user's password into Okta.
  • Sign out and sign in again to ensure the hook is no longer called (by reviewing the Admin Console logs).

Note: Review the troubleshooting section for information if encountering any setup or configuration difficulties.