Send response

The way to specify to Okta whether to accept the credentials as valid or not is by returning a commands object in the body of your HTTPS response, using a specified syntax within the object to indicate to Okta that the credentials should either be denied or accepted.

If you return an empty HTTPS response with an HTTP 204 "No content success" status code, Okta takes the default action, which is to reject the credentials.

Here, based on the results of the credential check, we return either a command telling Okta to accept the credentials, or an empty response, which results in Okta rejecting the credentials.

Instructions for

Note: Using an empty response to reject the credentials is based on the assumption that Okta is set to do that as the default action. In the request from Okta, the property data.action.credential specifies the default action. It is currently always set to UNVERIFIED, meaning that the default is to reject.