The first step in adding MFA to an existing application is to create a user account in Okta. Among other things, creating a user account in Okta allows you to add MFA to your application without needing to update your user schemas.

For the purposes of this demonstration, we will be creating a random user generated using the Random User Generator website:

  1. Generate a random user by loading in your browser.
  2. Copy the random user's data from the website to somewhere you can refer to later:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
  3. Open the Users (Okta API) collection in Postman.
  4. Create a user using the "POST Create User without Credentials" request template in Postman.
  5. Save the value of the id (the User ID) that is returned by Postman, you will be using this ID a lot. (In Okta, User ID's start with 00u)

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