Adding Basic Authorization and Body Parsing

The Glitch project templates do not have any authorization or body parsing code. To include this content:

  • Add the Body Parser and Basic Auth npm packages to your Glitch project
  • Add the code snippet below

If you Remix a Glitch Inline Hook project, the packages and code are already included.

To add the npm packages:

  1. Select the package.json file in the left-hand project menu.
  2. From the Add Package drop-down, search for the express-basic-auth and body-parser packages.
  3. Click each package to add to your project.

The Inline Hook guides use HTTP Basic Authentication to authenticate the Okta Inline Hook API calls received by your Glitch external service. In your Okta org, the Glitch project username and password credentials must be encoded in Base64 and added as the Authentication secret when you activate the Inline Hook. Ensure you add the scheme Basic (including a space) as a prefix to the Authentication secret value.

For example, the credential pair used in the Inline Hook examples is admin:supersecret, which encoded in Base64 is YWRtaW46c3VwZXJzZWNyZXQ=. Adding the scheme to this value, creates the Inline Hook Authentication secret value: Basic YWRtaW46c3VwZXJzZWNyZXQ=.

After including the npm packages, add the following code snippet in your project.

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